Lucrin Classic Case for iPhone XR Review

Lucrin Classic Case for iPhone XR Review

If A12 Bionic Chipset in iPhone XR doesn’t make you go crazy then nothing is going to do that, as this phone priced around $300 less than the iconic iPhone XS Max has to offer similar world-beating chip. The LCD and OLED difference in between the Xs’s and XR might be the deal breaker for some but that isn’t true in the longer-run as XR has standout battery life, good enough to outsmart XS Max and Galaxy Note 9 as well.
The glitzy and vibrant colours on offering make iPhone XR a phone for the youth and keeping that in view there are hundreds of cases in the market and you are supposed to opt one that suits your style the most. We’ve got our hands on the Lucrin Classic Case for your iPhone XR: here’s our take about that:

Is it your cup of tea?
Back to the basics, this case is something that was purely in the business around a decade or so. It was actually the time when phones weren’t easy to access for every Tom, Dick, and Harry and those who had it in their hands use to have it with intense care; covering it with some solid-case. This Lurin Case gives you a throwback to that time as it’s the typical leather pouch sort of case for your XR but what’s better about that is you are backed with the array of multitude colour options and the different leather qualities as well.
If you are the one who never settles on something less than perfect, you don’t need to worry as the premium leather options are there for; whether you go out for the Vegetable Tanned Leather, Real Ostrich, and Crocodile style calfskin. The customization option remains very much on the cards as well so you carve your name upon it; get some monogram or logo imprinted on your case.

It looks pure and simple but that doesn’t mean you would look outdated at all as colour spree on offer is vast and plus the customization part gives a never before like feel. These cases made on order are done the way you want them to be; by getting onto Lucrin website you have things in your hands for the case, from choosing the colour to opting the leather material for it, last but not the least any initials or name to be engraved on it is also on your call.


As it offers the premium leather, it turns out the fact that it is something to last long with ensuring you complete protection around the calendar.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options
Dozens of colours

What it is made up of?
Premium Leather

Value for Money (VFM)
This case gets you on the rollercoaster ride to past with the topping of modernity in form of the colour options and this customization option as well. On paper, this all seems good enough for such a price tag.