Olixar ArmaRing Case for iPhone XR Review

Olixar ArmaRing Case for iPhone XR Review

You may get everything bigger and better in this year’s showstopper for Apple, iPhone XS Max but what this big money can’t buy you is the multitude of colours and the better battery life on offer in shape of iPhone XR. To get your facts right, XR is around $300 less than the iconic XS Max and as mentioned above, it has got few eye-opening reasons to be bought by the Apple-fans instead of the extravagant XS Max.

Moreover, the 6.1 inches screen of XR isn’t something to turn deal breaker, though it isn’t OLED, unlike XS brother, still it is a deal not to miss out for under this price tag. Like every other Apple iteration, this Apple phone is also a delicate one that calls some superb protection to save you from the scratches, scuffs and even drops. Here we have got rundown over one unique case for your iPhone XR, sit back and enjoy:

Is it your cup of tea?
As best friend doesn’t exist, same goes for the best case but that’s not something to make you turn pessimist as hundreds of designs and companies are pacing up with contributions in the Billion-dollar case industry. Getting this Olixar ArmaRing Case it isn’t the ordinary case you come across every now and then; it is something out-of-the-box and offers multi-tasking as well. Coming up with the ring on the back it enhances the grip over your phone and when it is to be placed on surfaces it can also work as the stand for your phone.
The Olixar ArmaRing case comes in 3-pieces yet it is easy to intact and removes as well. Backed by the high-end material, this case work wonders against the drops from a certain height, plus the finger loop on back grips it in a way that attempted thefts fall in vain.

In the first glance, this case looks like some metal armour deployed onto the protection of your phone. It will be pertinent to mention here that this case doesn’t add extra bulk on your phone, but it standsout rightly when it’s about the protection all around. The finger loop on the back of your case enhances your style like never before and what works icing on the cake is this loop working as a stand for your phone plus making it easy to grip when even on the move.

Carved out of the lightweight durable material, this case is something meant to last long without lagging in any situation. The high-end material of this case rescues you from the drops, scratches, scuffs and dings.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options
Black, Silver

What it is made up of?
Polycarbonate, TPU

Value for Money (VFM)
Getting such a case for your iPhone XR with just spending $16.99 is a find of the year for sure. Not to forget, the finger loop offering on the back adds to your style and works as a grip as well.