Where to send your Amazon suspension appeal

Where to send your Amazon suspension appeal

Soon after the account suspension, you will have to figure out the way to get through this and start working with Amazon again. amazon is one of the best and biggest online selling website and working with it is a win-win situation, it will establish your business, get you loads of profit and furthermore showcase your products to many million people throughout the world with its vast spread network and ultra-vast audience.

Now that Amazon has taken the selling the privileges from you. you will have to figure out what to do next. What are the steps you should take to get the account back?

Heres how you will start taking your steps towards amazon suspension appeal

Know the issue

The first thing you need to know is to know the issue that was the reason behind the Amazon account suspension. You need to be sure of this, and what was the issue, why it occurred. Was it because of the violation of rules or the bad selling situation or the selling of the restricted products. These all are the reasons that might play a role in your account suspension.

Create a plan of action

Now that you have figured out what issue was it, the second step toward Amazon suspension appeal is that to have a plan of action. Having a solid plan of action is important as Amazon picks the most effective plan of actions to be considered for the further process.

What your plan of action must include,

Introductory statement

This introductory paragraph must include the details of your business and all the products that you sell and other introductory details.

Describe the issue

Now that you know the issue, that why was your account suspended you can describe it and discuss it well that what the issue was and why it occurred. Try using facts and figures while describing the issue and not the assumed values or words like few, many, some etc.

Action statement

You gave them the problem due to which suspension happened now you need to give them the solution also. What is your plan now? how will you work for it? what will you do to make the tools better? and what exactly will be your plan of action? These are all the question that Amazon will be needing the answers of. And if you are able to convince Amazon with all the concerns you are good to go with the Amazon suspension appeal.

Closing statement

Tell the summary of the whole plan of action

Where to send Amazon suspension appeal

Once you have a strong amazon suspension appeal you will have to know where to send it and proceed with the process of Amazon suspension appeal

  • Go to your account and click on the performance action and then performance notification.
  • On suspension, notice click on the appeal and the appeal decision.
  • Write the plan of action and provide them with the contact details.
  • Click submit and you appeal will be sent to Amazon.